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Asserting Your Interests In Court

A contentious business dispute triggered by disagreements between partners, or a boundary dispute pitting neighbors or companies against each other, are just two examples of collision courses that often wind up before a judge and jury.

When the use of an Arizona courtroom becomes a foregone conclusion for resolutions to a dispute, and you need the experienced guidance of a skilled civil litigation attorney, look no further than the Law Office of Frank L. Ross in Avondale. Attorney Frank L. Ross has faithfully and aggressively protected the interests of litigation clients in the West Valley and across the state for more than 50 years. Before your legal problems escalate, contact the Law Office of Frank L. Ross to arrange your free, 30-minute consultation about your issue.

Providing Skilled Advocacy Throughout Your Legal Dispute

Whether your conflict is personal or commercial in nature, it is vital that you have a skilled attorney by your side when you are involved in a legal dispute. Attorney Ross is well-versed in Arizona’s laws and the legal procedures that shape how your case unfolds and how it may resolve. He has successfully represented clients in court since 1971, so he knows which strategies get results and which prolong the process.

Attorney Ross has compiled an impressive record of results for clients confronting complex disputes that include:

Litigating a dispute can be an overwhelming, expensive and exhausting experience. As your advocate, attorney Ross will seek out the most efficient course of action so that you can put this issue behind you. You do not need to face your legal problems alone. Partner with a team that is committed to shouldering your legal burden while skillfully advancing your interests.

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Ignoring your legal problems will not solve them. You need to confront them head-on, and the Law Office of Frank L. Ross can help. Whether the matter at hand is a contract dispute, differences between shareholders or serious questions about a real estate title, Mr. Ross is the lawyer to contact.

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